Pre-conceptive care

coupleMany woman today are finding it difficult to achieve pregnancy, maintain a pregnancy, or difficulty producing a healthy child. This demonstrates the importance of pre-conception care.

Preconception care provides all the factors necessary to produce healthy eggs and sperm and to support fetal development.

If you are planning to conceive a child, it is a good idea to begin preconception care one year in advance of anticipated conception. However, we are excited to help you at any stage.

The program that you are preparing to embark upon is a bold and direct approach to significantly overhaul your body and prepare it for pregnancy. By the end of eight to twelve months you will have cleansed, repaired, and fortified almost every gland and organ in your body. Within this phase of care, you will make great strides toward building your health and laying the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. You will probably experience a degree of strengthening in your physical stamina and strength as well as your emotional/spiritual state of mind.

Pregnancy Care

pregnant-womanEach of the visits will seek to identify your primary imbalances and a combination of nutrient supplementation and body systems balancing will be recommended to target and improve the function. While nutritional measures are gentle, when applied consistently they can yield miraculous results.

Each woman receives a unique, individualized program specifically designed for them.

Post Conception and Recovery

couple-newbornPost delivery Care seeks to provide support for mom and baby. A balanced, unique program will be developed to provide the best possible nutritional support for your growing baby. Dr. Lozier will also provide crucial post partum care for mom as she transitions after pregnancy.

It is so exciting to see what your body is capable of in regards to its innate healing potential, and indeed that renewal reminds us of how remarkably we were designed. For many patients this represents training in a culture which allows people more alternatives when they face greater health challenges in the future. We offer on-going educational opportunities to equip you with the information you need to not only improve your quality of life but also the people closest to you.

It is our greatest joy and fulfillment to introduce this approach to you.